Trending Now: FEA, CFD & Artifical Intelligence Simulation and Design for Medical and Biomedical Applications Blast, Explosion & Fire: air blast, Underwater explosion (UNDEX) and Fragmentation. VTOL, e-VTOL and UAM - Urban Air Mobility.

Multiphysics simulation for Complicated Industrial Applications

CFD Simulation of Reacting Flows & Combustion

Knowledge of the underlying combustion chemistry and physics enables designers of gas turbines, boilers and internal combustion engines to increase energy efficiency and fuel flexibility, while reducing emissions.

FEA & CFD for VibroAcoustics and NVH Analysis

By coupling the electromagnetic field solution with other solvers, we examine coupled physics phenomena and achieve the highest fidelity solution to eliminate reliability problems and design safe and effective products, even capture Electromagnetic–Structural Dynamics–Acoustics probelem.

FEA Based Composite Material Design and Optimization

Simulation Driven Design is an efficient tool for development and simulation of Composite material models.

Welding Simulation: RSW, FSW, Arc, Electron and Laser Beam Welding

The Finite element analysis of welding include Arc Welding, laser Beam Welding, RSW, FSW and transfer the results of welding simulation for next simulation such as NVH, Crash test, Tension, Compression, shear test and fatigue simulation.

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